Introduction to Metal


Introduction to Metal

3.4.2015, Пятница
09:00 – 16:00


Interested in making something out of metal? This class seeks to provide you with the fundamental skills and confidence necessary to safely operate within the ADX metal shop, including how to safely clean, cut, drill, grind, form and weld mild steel. You’ll learn how to properly use, care for and setup tools as well as clean up after use. Most importantly, this class gets you on your way to making all that awesome stuff you’ve been day dreaming about! This Introductory class sets the stage for future ADX metal classes, including MIG and TIG welding and various project-based classes.


Plasma cutter, horizontal band saw and abrasive cut-off saw, drill press and thread tapping machine, grinders and stationary sanders, MIG and spot welders, bench bender, and our sheet metal shear, brake, and slip roll.


Measuring, cutting, drilling and countersinking, Forming, grinding and cleaning, clamping, basic welding.


ADX provides Steel stock, all tools and equipment (ticket price includes a $10 Materials fee); you provide Note taking implements (optional).


The non-member price includes 1 month of Unlimited Membership so you can practice what you learned and get started on your next project! The month of membership begins the first day of the class; exceptions are politely declined. Before using the shop outside of class time, you must attend one of our free safety orientations.
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