OOLEY is a sociocultural project for creative capabilities development of a person and the society.

Our goal is

To make unleashed creativity easy, accessible and ubiquitous.

We research, establish and develop creative processes and spaces so as to shape an environment for people to improve, collaborate and self-realize.

Our activities

Artisans make their workshops public, public workshops make artisans free.

Public workshops map

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Workshop reviews


Our completed projects

Mobile workshop OOLEY42

OOLEY42 – is a small mobile universal workshop that fits into a camper and can be unfolded at any suitable location. It is our experimental facility for practical research of collective creativity and exploration of effective approaches to productive collaboration. You can invite us to make a lecture, a workshop or a any other kind of public creative events or design and architecture projects.


Creativity is an intentional enhancement of the reality.

Public workshop is a space for, capabilities and the process of creative collaboration.

Public space

for all sorts of making by guests and residents.


provided with various equipment and proper materials supply.

Free exchange

of tip and tricks, of skills and products, that are aquired during learning, researching, experimenting and working on different projects.

Active social climate

of creative collaboration with transparent principles of all process participants collaboration.

Stable attention

of paricipants to their projects and also their commitment to collaborate on shared endeavours.

Our researches

Free artisan is an ideal of a human creative self-improvement

Self-reliant person


Self-motivated creator